French minesweeper Andromede visits London

Rob Powell Navy


THE FRENCH minesweeper FS ANDROMEDE arrived in London in the early hours of Friday morning.

The 52-metre vessel reached West India Docks shortly before 4am and the port visit continues until tomorrow (Sunday) evening. After she leaves, she will return to her exercises at sea. The normal duties for the Brest-based ship include finding and destroying mines which date back to WWII.

ANDROMEDE is a Eirdan-class ship, one of eighteen mine countermeasure vessels in the French navy.

The ship was open for members of the public to have a look around today - here are some photos from on board FS ANDROMEDE.


Breathing apparatus used by divers with a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. This gear will give divers 45 minutes at 45 metres depth.

Tours of the ship were carried out by a diver from the Andromede,  A. Bernard

The ship has a decompression chamber for divers suffering from "the bends"

Rapid inflatable and an example of a mine

Remotely operated underwater vehicle - this type, the Double Eagle MKII, is used by many European navies.

FS ANDROMEDE leaves London on Sunday evening.

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