PLA begins consulting on Bugsby’s Reach name change

Rob Powell News


THE PORT of London Authority has begun consulting on its plans to change the name of Bugsby's Reach.

Bugsby's Reach is the stretch of the Thames from the tip of the Greenwich Peninsula down its eastern side to Charlton.

In recognition of the 500th anniversary of the Waterman's Company, the PLA proposes to change the name of Bugsby's Reach to Waterman's Reach. It is planned that the proposed change takes place in a naming ceremony in September this year.

Little is known of Bugsby but the PLA say his "overall contribution to the River Thames since the mid-1800s is markedly less than that given by watermen, wherrymen and bargemen over the past 500 years and more. Accordingly, the proposed name change to ‘Waterman’s Reach’ is entirely apposite; it embraces much more closely both the ancient historical traditions and the contemporary
practices of the River Thames and is supported warmly by the PLA."

The closing date for responses to the consultation is April 21st.

Last month, published an article by a local councillor and historian defending the name Bugsby's Reach.

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