Photos: Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race 2014

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LAST Tuesday saw the historic Doggett's Coat and Badge Race take place on the Thames.

The rowing race between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier, Chelsea for young watermen was established in 1715 by the Dublin-born stage actor Thomas Doggett.

The entrants in this year's race were Harry McCarthy, Charlie Maynard, Louis Pettipher, Dominic Coughlin and Benjamin Folkard.

Prince Philip was present to observe from on board the umpire's launch, Panache, with the race was won in a time of 24 minutes and 35 seconds by Blackheath's Harry McCarthy.

Ben Folkard rows towards the finishing line at Cadogan Pier

Cadogan Pier with umpire's launch Panache alongside

There were several boats used for specators such as William B.

The Duke of Edinburgh observed the race from the umpire's launch.

Prince Philip performed the winner's presentation with Harry McCarthy in yellow on the top step.


Next year's Doggett's race will take place 300 years after the first one.

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