Tattershall Castle back on the Thames

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THE paddlesteamer Tattershall Castle was back on the Thames today as her refit nears completion.

The famous old Humber ferry left her mooring at the embankment late in January and headed up to Hull for a refit.

She returned to the Thames today but is not yet ready to return to London - she has entered Tilbury docks where the remainder of her refurbishment will be completed.

With assistance from GPS Battler and Horton, Tattershall Castle arrived at Tilbury at about midday. It's expected that the 80 year old paddlesteamer will remain there until the 12th April before heading up river to return to her mooring at the Victoria Embankment.



See Tattershall Castle departing in January


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  1. Happy memories of New Holland to Hull ferry crossings in the forties and fifties, including one extra long crossing due to sandbanks and a very low tide. The Tattershall, or it could have been the Lincoln, had to paddle east as far as Immingham to get round the sandbank and then all the way west again to New Holland.

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