Historic HMS President (1918) could be heading for scrap yard

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HISTORIC warship HMS President (1918) could be condemned to the scrap yard says the charity that maintains her after the ship lost out on lottery funding.

After spending over ninety years moored at the Victoria Embankment, the ship had to be moved earlier this year to make way for the major Thames Tideway Tunnel sewer project

The ship was towed down the river to Chatham Docks on the Medway in February but needs funding to complete its hull refurbishment and pay for a new mooring adjacent to London Bridge.

The HMS President Preservation Trust has revealed that the charity has lost out again on a bid for £330,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Gawain Cooper, Chairman of the HMS President Preservation Trust, commented: ''Our Trustees are bitterly disappointed that with all the public support we have, and after having been encouraged by a senior director of the Heritage Lottery to reapply for the £330,000, that again we were refused support. This decision will most likely condemn The President to the scrap yard."

The ship was originally commissioned as HMS Saxifrage to find and destroy enemy U-boats.  She's one of the few surviving Royal Navy ships from WWI and is listed on the National Historic Fleet register.

HMS President (1918) in dazzle ship livery was towed down to Chatham earlier this year.

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