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On The Thames is a news and photojournalism site dedicated to the events of the tidal stretch of the River Thames.

The purpose of On The Thames is to keep you updated with what's happening on the river as well as take some of the best photos around of interesting river visitors. Whether it be naval visitors, cruise ships, cargo vessels or any of the other fascinating craft that find themselves on the Thames, we aim to get great photos to capture the moment.

On The Thames mostly will focus on the tidal section of the Thames which is from Teddington Lock and Weir all the way down to the Thames Estuary.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a 3rd year Architecture student in Cardiff University and I am doing a project related to the river Thames. The site of the project is in Tilbury-East Tilbury area. I was trying to find information online, but could not find anything in relation to the strength of the current of the river at the point between Coalhouse Fort and Cliffe Fort, therefore any information on that would be really helpful. I am also interested in the size of vessels that would be able to cross the river at that point.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I have been sent a picture of one of the gigs going under tower bridge in the great river race this weekend. I would like to put it on a news article on our Sailing club website as it was crewed by our members. How do I get permission please?

  3. Just a thought but you don’t appear to have any dates on any posts you create. So when you say something is happening tomorrow. We don’t know when tomorrow is.

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  5. Hi

    I am looking for an official photograph of this years great river race that captures the sense of the event to accompany a local press release, please can you let me have one?

    Tim Pointer
    Langstone Cutters

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