Schleswig-Holstein visits London

Rob Powell Navy

Schleswig Holsten in the Upper Pool

A FRIGATE from the German navy arrived in London early on Friday morning.

SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEN reached the capital and moored alongside HMS BELFAST a short time before sunrise.

The visit by the Brandenburg-class frigate comes just a few days after a visit by the Royal Navy frigate, HMS ARGYLL.

Later this year, the 139-metre vessel which was built in the early 90s, will join the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group in the Cougar 14 deployment.

Royal Navy Regional Commander, Commodore Martin Atherton, said:

“It is always a pleasure to welcome a vessel from the German Navy to a British port. We are particularly pleased to see FGS Schleswig-Holstein as she is expected to be an integral part of Cougar 14. Her participation in Cougar 14 reinforces how readily NATO partners can operate in a maritime environment and demonstrates partner adaptability.”

SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEN will remain on the Thames until Monday morning when she is due to depart under Tower Bridge at 10:10.



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