300th anniversary Doggett’s Coat and Badge race to take place

Rob PowellEvents

The annual Doggett’s Coat & Badge race will take place on the Thames tomorrow (Saturday).

This year’s event, which sees young watermen row from London Bridge to Cadogan Pier, Chelsea, will mark the race’s 300th anniversary.

The race will start at 11.30 and should be completed in about half an hour. Competitors this year are Louis Pettipher, Charlie Maynard, Dominic Coughlin, Ben Folkard, Frankie Ruler and Perry Flynn.



Previous anniversary races

I looked through the British Newspaper Archives and found these clippings, firstly of the 100th anniversary race in 1815 and then the 200th anniversary race in 1915 which didn’t actually take place because of the the war – although the Doggett’s website lists a winner for that year so maybe it was rescheduled.

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