2016 starts with beautiful Thames sunrise

Rob Powell Bridges, Weather

2016 got off to an impressive start when a dramatic red sky appeared across the capital on Friday morning.

With the new year just hours old, early risers and those still on their way home were able to enjoy a beautiful sight over London.

Hues of red, orange and yellow were painted across the sky in the thirty minutes or so before the sun rose at about 8am.

For those that missed it, here was the first sunrise of 2016.

The red sky begins to light up the Upper Pool on New Year's Day

Dramatic colours appeared behind the iconic Tower Bridge

Spectators on London Bridge stopped to admire the scene

A man walking by the River Thames on New Year's Day takes a photo of the impressive sunrise

The reds were replaced by shades of orange, yellow and gold as a double decker bus crosses the bridge.

A jogger interrupts her run to take a photo of the London landmark.

The scene from the Millennium Bridge about an hour after sunrise.

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