Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan leaves London to head to Jutland 100 events

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HMS DUNCAN sailed down the Thames on Thursday evening after a week long visit to the capital.

The Royal Navy's newest warship, which arrived May 20th, squeezed out of West India Docks at Canary Wharf at about 6pm.

Before leaving London, the Type 45 destroyer received a visit from the Duke of York.

Prince Andrew, who reached the rank of Commander in the Royal Navy, presented Long Service and Good Conduct medals to some of the ship's company.

The Duke also placed a message inside the British Legion's polished brass and burnished red copper poppy-shaped Jutland 100 capsule which has been designed by the artist Mark Humphrey.

HMS Duncan is carrying the capsure on board towards Jutland centenary events where the capsule will be released into the water to become a permanent memorial at sea.

Photos of HMS Duncan leaving London

London, United Kingdom. 26th May, 2016. Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan, seen at the Thames Barrier, leaves London after a week long visit to head towards Jutland 100 anniversary events. Rob Powell/Alamy Live News

HMS Duncan Leaves London

HMS Duncan Leaves London

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  1. How interesting! Thank you for sharing the HMS Duncan photos Rob. The poppy-shaped memorial capsule to mark the Centenary of The Battle of Jutland is an excellent idea.

  2. Sadly this wonderful gesture, which included a personal message to my great uncle killed whilst serving on HMS Black Prince at Jutland on the 31st May 1916, received no media coverage what so ever. Hopefully it went ahead as intended and that pictures and/or video footage will be published in due course.

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      Must admit I didn’t know anything about it until I saw the a tweet about it and found more information on the British Legion site. Shame it wasn’t given more publicity.

  3. The poppy shaped capsule was lowered over the side of Duncan directly over the wreck of HMS Invincible after our Service. It was deceptively heavy even on our man overboard recovery davit and we ended up cutting the rope while it was in the water. It sank incredibly fast due to all the holes on its underside. I can promise you that my sailors were profoundly moved by all of our remembrance events for Jutland. More importantly it was the right thing to do. Their deaths were so incredibly courageous when you think of their chances of escape in those ‘Castles of Steel’. We do have a photograph of it in the water. Perhaps ask us on our Twitter account and I’ll remind our PRO to post it. Commander Charlie Guy (CO of Duncan)

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