RMS St Helena in London for farewell visit

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ROYAL Mail Ship (RMS) St Helena arrived on the Thames yesterday as part of her farewell tour.

The passenger and cargo ship has been the only means of accessing the remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic but the opening of a new airport is forcing her retirement after 26 years of service.

The 105 metre long vessel is the last working Royal Mail Ship in the world and was built in 1989 specifically to supply the island which is 1200 miles off the west coast of Africa.

RMS St Helena sailed up the Thames yesterday and entered Tilbury Docks where she remains until Tuesday afternoon. She will then go up the river and sail through Tower Bridge at 1645.

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, will attend a reception on board the ship on Wednesday and St Helena heads back down the river to Tilbury on Friday afternoon.

Updated: See photos of RMS St Helena at Tower Bridge

Tilbury, United Kingdom. 5th June, 2016. Royal Mail Ship (RMS) St Helena has arrived on the Thames for what is expected to be her final visit while in service. The last working Royal Mail Ship, which carries passengers and cargo, called at Tilbury this morning and will go to the Upper Pool of the Thames this week to moor alongside HMS Belfast. The last working Royal Mail Ship coming up the Thames
RMS St Helena passes cruise ship Crystal Symphony at Tilbury

onthethames_rms_st_helena_3RMS St Helena in Tilbury docks


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