More huge cranes arrive at London Gateway

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FOUR more enormous cranes have been delivered to the London Gateway port.

Two of the 138 metre-tall quay cranes arrived on the Thames from China on Wednesday 15th June with two more arriving the following week.

The cranes which are for the new third berth at the container port arrived on the vessels Zhen Hua 10 and Zhen Hua 27, respectively.

When the new berth is open, DP London Gateway will have 1250 metres of operational quay wall, offering more ultra-large container vessel capacity than any other port in the UK.

Cameron Thorpe, CEO, DP World London Gateway, commented: “In addition to the eight already in operation here, the arrival of these quay cranes and further investment in supplementary infrastructure such as our fully automated truck handling capability, ensures that the UK is able to efficiently and reliably handle the largest container ships afloat.

“These cranes are unique in the UK. They are safer, more wind resilient, able to lift more containers in one movement and comfortably reach out across and above the largest container ships.”

Zhen Hua 27 alongside London Gateway with one quay crane discharged and one still on board. The two blue cranes are to be delivered elsewhere.

The four new quay cranes at the third berth join the eight existing state of the art cranes at berths one and two.

Container ship MSC Athos arriving at DP World London Gateway last weekend.