If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled trip on the Thames, look no further than some of the excellent RIB experiences available.

RIBs are Rigid-Inflatable Boats and have become a common sight on the river taking passengers on high speed journeys up and down the river.

Thames Jet

With their distinctive blue RIBs, Thames Jet have the only jet propelled vessels available for this kind of attraction and promises everything “harder, sharper and faster” than the alternatives.

Starting from Westminster Pier, the Thames Rush experience lasts 50 minutes and takes passengers down to Canary Wharf and back for a standard adult price of £39.00 and £29.00 for a child (heigh restrictions apply).

The 75-minute Thames Max experience costs £49.00 and sees the blue jet boats head all the way down to the iconic Thames Barrier before returning to Westminster Pier.

The “Thames Bond” experience combines a high speed trip down the river with a 12 minute flight above the capital in a helicopter, taking off from London Helipad at Battersea and flying you along the river as far as the City of London and back. This unique waterborne and airborne experience costs £175 for an adult and £165 for a child.

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